For your choir, you may obtain complete copies of the copyrighted written music for "May You Have A Merry Christian Christmas" by paying through the Paypal button, below.  In your electronic Paypal payment, write "May You Have A Merry Christian Christmas" and state the name, address, e-mail address, and phone number of your choir in the Paypal text box for the above product.  For questions, send an e-mail to the address of  

There is good news and bad news: the bad news is that the fee for the original complete copy of the music that we will send you is one hundred dollars ($100); the good news is that, by paying that fee you can then make unlimited copies of that original music for THE PURPOSES OF YOUR CHOIR. You may not distribute copies to other individuals or organizations or sell that music to others, on the internet or otherwise.  In the alternative,  send your order, and check or money-order payment to:

Stauf Ent., Inc.

5334 N Amherst

Portland, OR 97203-5202

Purchase of this sheet music entitles the individual or organization that made the purchase to perform this song unlimited times in public without paying a royalty, if there is no charge for the performance. 

It is suggested that, around Christmas time, quartets or choirs take portable keyboards and sing this song as "flash mob" choirs in malls, outside of box stores, and on various downtown street corners, with a banner that states the name of the choir, their sponsoring church or organization, the address of that organization, the phone number of that organization, and the e-mail address of that organization. Also, it is suggested that these same quartets and choirs go to other churches in their town or city, and give these Christian Christmas greetings to the other church's members, as they leave their church services--much as people used to go out caroling at Christmas time. Christians need to band together--even across denominational lines--to remind each other of the true meaning of Christmas, and that we are all Christians.

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Email Contact List--Please enroll!

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