On Sundays, Dave Stauffer and The believers worship at Peace Lutheran Church, 2201 N Rosa Parks Way, Portland, OR, 97217, Phone (503) 289-1070, and e-mail: www.peacelutheranportland.org However, for the rest of the week, Dave Stauffer worships by writing and living with the "Ooh To Get Married" screenplay that has its own page on this web site.  The screenplay has over 40 original songs that Dave Stauffer has written and recorded, and numerous humorous and religious skits and short humorous and religious thoughts that are aimed at skeptical teenagers--or any person that doubts that there is a God, that Jesus is the Messiah, that there is life after death, and that the words and story of Jesus, and other "miracles" of the Bible, are true.  

Dave Stauffer's ultimate goal is to convert the "Ooh To Get Married" screenplay into a "Saturday Night Live" type of national television show that would come on after the real "Saturday Night Live" show, and comically satirize the atheism and music of the Saturday Night Live show.

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