Gloria Glory

by Dave Stauffer

Released 12/11/2017
Dave Stauffer
Released 12/11/2017
Dave Stauffer
Harmonic melodic Christian Group songs.
  • 05:04 Lyrics Gloria Glory

    Gloria Song in A:  Copyright 2017 by Dave Stauffer         Intro: D A D A E A E

    Verse 1

               A                                       Fm

    The World was dark, and            full of pain.

            A                                        Fm

    The sky was black   with dark clouds of rain.

       D                                          E                                              A       E

    Faith was lost,                  despair was                             the ruler.

             A                                                D         E

    The light was cold and could not be seen

       Fm                                                       D       E

    It seemed                     that    God was but a dream,

       E                                           E                           A                E

    And there was no one          there to sing  Alle - lujah!

                  D                                   A                                D                        AEA   E

    No Allelujahs!               No Allelujahs!             No Allelujahs!    No Allelujahs!

    Verse 2

                A                                 Fm

    The shepherds watched their flocks by night.

            A                            Fm

    The night was dark and fraught with fright.

               D                                 E                        A                 E

    The people prayed:  “Please send us the Messiah!”

            A                         D              E

    For God so loved the world that night,

                Fm                     D         E

    That he sent his son to set us right.

          E                                        E                                  A         E

    He sent his only                     son                to be our savior.

                   D                     A                         D                          AEA   E

    Sing Allelujah! To the Messiah! Sing Allelujah! To the Messiah!

    Verse 3

      A                                           Fm

    Herod was the                        evil King

              A                             Fm

    Who slayed the babes of Bethlehem.

           D                   E                                    A            E

    To try to kill the babe who would be the Savior. 

       A                                 D              E

    Mothers wailed, would not be consoled

                  Fm                                   D                 E

    As their baby boys’                     bodies grew cold.

          E                E                A               E

    No reason for joy nor Allelujahs!

                  D                        A                        D                         AE A    E

    No Allelujahs! For those babies!  No Allelujahs! For those babies!

    Verse 4

      A                                           Fm

    Out of that night                as black as coal,

             A                                                Fm

    The kind that tries          your mortal soul.

          D          E                     A                   E

    A choir of angels started singing.

           A                   D           E

    To herald in the newborn King

            Fm                    D          E

    The angels took delight to sing,

           E               E                               A                        E

    To sing of the birth of the          Messiah!

                    D                         A                    D                          A E A    E

    Sing Allelujah! To the Messiah! Sing Allelujah! To the Messiah!


    Verse 5

              A                          Fm

    The shepherds    looked up to see

     A                                Fm

    The angels singing in harmony.

                    D                       E                 A                 E

    With the words     of the Hallelujah Chorus:

              A                D            E

    “For unto you is born this day,

           Fm                        D      E

    A Savior who will      ever reign!”

               E                  E           A             E

    The Savior sent by God to save us!

             D                                         A           D                  A E  A    E

    Oh praise him!  The Messiah! Oh praise him! The Messiah!


    Finale                 (Legato)

     (Sing three times while the descant is sung at the same time)

                   D                              A                                       D                          A E A    E

    Sing Allelujah!      To the Messiah!                  Sing Allelujah!   To the Messiah!



        D             A              D               A E      A     E

    Glo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-ria, In excelsis D e       o. 

        D             A              D               A E       A      E  

    Glo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-ria, In excelsis D e       o.  


    ( Last time—chord hits)              

        D             A             D                A E      A      E    A

    Glo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-ria, In excelsis D e       o. 

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