All Surrender to Rock

by David Dave William Stauffer

Released 2013
Stauf Ent., Inc.
Released 2013
Stauf Ent., Inc.
Rock Festival Rock and Roll with plenty of electric guitar and drums and Patrick Stauffer, a concert-quality lead singer who also plays guitar like Jimi Hendrix and Eddie Van Halen.
Patrick Stauffer grew up listening to his parents' rock and roll bands practicing in the basement (and performing at live rock festivals and big bars), so he naturally evolved into an astounding lead singer and guitar player. Then, his brother, Michael Stauffer, joined him with truly excellent drumming. The two of them added Anthony Espelin on bass and became the band, Surrender. Surrender performed at the Roseland in Portland, Oregon, and many of the tracks on this album are live recordings from that fantastic performance.

After the Roseland performance, a full-length movie titled, "The Stauffer Bros.' Story" was made about the two brothers and their many small-time performances that they played while "paying their dues".

The music reviewers described Patrick as a "shredder" on the lead guitar. As the film showed, Patrick sings, plays guitar, and dances around the stage all at the same time. In addition, all of the songs on this album are original songs. Patrick and Michael have a great future for their band, Surrender.

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