Again Praise the Triple Good God

by Dave Stauffer & The Believers

Released 2012
Stauf Ent., Inc.
Released 2012
Stauf Ent., Inc.
Our Fathers' (and Mothers') Old-Time Religion Four-part Harmony amd Folk Guitar Church Music For Teenagers and Young People Who Are New to the Joy of Christianity
Dave Stauffer has written and produced nine albums that are currently being played in the pop culture. Each human story in each song of Dave Stauffer’s nine CD albums is taken from the dramatic story in one of the musical screenplays of Dave Stauffer’s nine-movie screenplay series, “Sow Y’oats!” Many of the songs can be found at: The music is also sold on itunes,, spotify, and many other internet stores.

In the nine related stories, the same characters are followed from the age of six to their middle age in many dramatic, insightful, religious, and romantic subplots.

The nine screenplays incorporate about ninety original songs that Dave Stauffer has written, and his talented band of singers and musicians has recorded. The plots have a lot to do with dating, maturing, and philosophy dealing with God—and so do the songs they sing. In several of the songs, the singers speak their lines in or during the song, which adds a deep meaning to the words of the songs. By listening to the words and the mood of the music, each listener can feel the emotion of the dramatic event that the song describes in the screenplay.

To write his songs, Dave Stauffer has drawn on his many years of singing in church choirs as well as his years of singing, playing bass and guitar, and writing songs in several rock and roll bands that played for years in smoky bars and taverns. Along the way, he acquired a community of outstanding singers and musicians to record his popular, harmonious songs.

Stauffer's tenth screenplay, "Oooh To Get Married", is intended to be the prototype for college-age groups of thespians to act, sing, and give Christianity a whole new image, by production of local showings of this play. It includes modern-day original music in the church choir, folk music, rock and roll, jazz, and gospel styles. Numerous jokes and skits are mixed with the short speeches on looking at Christianity in a more universal human-condition style.

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