Easter Passion of Jesus, Christ, on Good Friday

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Dave Stauffer and The Believers
Dave Stauffer and The Believers


The Passion of Jesus, Christ, is caught from his actual words in the Garden of Gethsemane:  "Lord, take this cup (of suffering and death) from me...but not my will, but your will be done!"  Knowing that he would be killed in a bloody and ruthless way, Jesus did not flee, but rather, went courageously to endure that suffering and death.  Then, when he was suffering on the cross, the thief asked Jesus to remember the thief when Jesus came into Jesus' kingdom; Jesus told him--as he tells you and me--that "In (Heaven's) paradise, you shall be with me!"  Jesus' ultimate suffering is known from his cry to the Lord, "My God, why hast thou forsaken me?", but even with that terrible suffering, Jesus had the grace to ask pardon for those that killed him:  "Lord, forgive them, for they know not what they do!"  That passion showed that Jesus was a very real human being with the Grace of God before Jesus ascended to Heaven.


Easter Praise of the Passion of Jesus, Christ, On Good Friday

For A Church Choir Barbershop Quartet

Words and Music by Dave Stauffer

Intro:      E   B   A   E

    (Soprano solo; Tenor, Alto, and Bass sing “Oooohs”)

                    E                    B   E          A      B        E 

V. 1:  Pray in the garden  of Geth sem an e.

   B                  A          B                          E

Beside Lord Jesus, down on your knees.

  E                         B   E    A           B                E

See drops like blood  rolling down his cheeks.          

   B                        A                       B       B6    E

Kneel down beside him, as he faces Calvary. 


Chorus (Choir):

          E                          B                 A                          E

Our God heard his prayer, our God heard his prayer.

(Soprano and alto duet; Tenor and Bass sing ‘Ooooohs”)

           E                    B    E    A                 B             E

v. 2:  Hear as he pleads, Take this cup from me.

    B                  A                       B                       E

Knowing all along, what the answer would be.

     E                  B E            A             B        E

 “Not my will Lord, but your will be done!”

     B                       A              B       B6     E 

Knowing God’s Will, was cru ci  fix   ion.

Chorus (Choir):

        E                            B                 A                             E

Our Lord heard his prayer, our Lord heard his prayer.

(Soprano, Alto, and Tenor trio; Bass sings “Oooohs”)

                     E                          B  E               A             B     E 

V.3:  They nailed him to the cross in the company of thieves.

  B                          A            B                          E

One begged of Jesus, “Please remember me!”

             E                   B    E                   A            B       E

Christ gives us his promise that he gave to that thief,

           B                      A       B            B6           E

“In Heaven’s paradise, you shall be with me!”


Chorus (Choir):

         E                             B                  A                         E

Our Lord heard his prayer, our Lord heard his prayer.

Break (Choir):


  E      B  E     E           B E 

Hallelujah!  My Messiah!

 E               B         A     E    B   

Savior divine, of all mankind!

 E                   B           A        A                      B                E                    

As with the sinning thief, send me your wondrous peace,

          E            B             B6         E

And Lord, oh please remember me.

(Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass quartet)


     E              B  E            A              B  E 

Again he prayed  in wretched agony,

  B                          A                 B                      E

“Why? Why? Oh Lord, hast thou forsaken me?”

                   E                                B         E                A              B           E

And he prayed for those that killed him, as he prays for me and you,


(retard + double forte)

    B                                 A      

 “Lord! (Pause)  Forgive them!

(p)              B              B6           E  

for they know not what they do!”   Chorus (Choir)(a tempo):

          E                            B                 A                          E

Our Lord heard his prayer, our Lord heard his prayer.


Finale:  (Choir) (Retard)

E     B               A             E

A-men.   A-men.  A-men.

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