Dave Stauffer is a writer of Christian screenplays that explain the Biblical Christian religion to seekers--particularly teenage seekers--who are submerged in the atheistic culture of modern television and movies.  When was the last time you heard any modern movie say, "Whosoever believes in Jesus will have everlasting life!"  What modern movie has ever said, "Jesus is the way, truth, and life!"  What modern movie proclaims, "Love your neighbor as yourself!" or "You shall love God with all your heart and all your mind and all your soul!"  Dave Stauffer seeks to fill those voids by his screenplays and music ; they send those messages in modern language that teenagers, and other victims of the culture of atheism can understand.  

Each of his ten screenplays includes a dozen or so of original songs that are written in styles that range from traditional four-part church choir songs to folk guitar songs to jazz songs to rock and roll songs with electric guitars and drums.  In his ten screenplays, there are over one hundred original songs, which his band of Believers--family and friends--have recorded over the last ten years.

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